Master Craftsman/

Nadir Ibrahimoglu is a master craftsman, adding tremendous value to all the mouthpieces and instruments he works on.

Nadir has spent a lifetime playing saxophone, complimented with a lifetime of crafting and repairing woodwind instruments and mouthpieces.

Nadir’s very successful, woodwind music shop stands behind a BUY BACK GUARANTEE, demanding that his instruments and mouthpieces are not only in excellent condition, but play and sound perfect.

Nadir applies his extensive knowledge of mouthpieces (boasting over 4000 mouthpieces in his shop) to the detailed crafting he applies to Guardala Reborn Mouthieces!

Nadir proudly offers his import, export and distribution services through Giga Sax, which currently distributes the following mouthpieces in Germany:

RS Berkely
Ted Klum
Theo Wanne
Jody Jazz

Operating for 35 years, PMS offers you a huge range of accessories with expert advice and amazing service department for adjustments, repairs and overhauls.

Our mouthpiece inventory is the largest in Europe and our saxophone inventory is the largest in Germany.

Our super friendly trial policy allows musicians to try our products at home, in the studio (we offer music lessons), or on stage.

PMS is respected world wide and takes such pride and confidence in their work, they have a BUY BACK GUARANTEE. Let us be your go to music shop: