Michael Doyle

Doyle, as the lead musician playing saxophone for the jazz group Evidence whose CD releases include Soulville and Untitled , He grew up in that great, big, 24-hour-a-day pickle barrel of radio and live jazz called New York, under the care of a classic jazz-addict dad. John Coltrane’s flip-into-the-clouds solo on Miles Davis’ “Milestones” provided the “ah-ha” moment that married Doyle to the saxophone for good.

Currently calling Michigan his home, the Professor has a passion for the classic fire of groups like Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers and Miles Davis’ first great quintet drove him to create what he calls “a hard bop haven for some of the state’s best players.”

Michael Doyle’s goal of bringing New York- caliber jazz to Michigan remains the same. Doyle’s idiomatic jazz flavor joined with the Who Dat ? Blues Band rhythm section (funky melodic bass from the Coach and Doc’s in the pocket drums) is an excellent compliment to the smooth but occasionally raucous lead licks of Brian “BA” Anderson on guitar. (excerpts from article by Mark F. Turner – All About Jazz 2005)