Lee Mayal

This special Guardala Fatboy for Tenor Nadir made me is fantastic! It’s got that typical Michael Brecker sound and plays really well!

It has that full, round sound like the old early Babitt Links, but with a lot more bite & attack to it! Ideal for using it playing with loud bands like rock, pop, blues, funk & soul music & even for smooth Jazz! Split tones, top tones or subtones… all works really well!! I don’t think you need to spend lots of money on an original Guardala, unless you’re a collector!

As a professional sax player I must say,that Nadir Ibrahimoglu did a great job making an outstanding copy of the original! The best thing about it, is that Nadir can make it exactly how any player likes it to be & adjust to any special requests! You couldn’t do that with the original, either it was perfect or not! I’m really impressed with it…!!!  Thank you Nadir. Kindest rockin’ regards!

– Lee Mayall