Babis Prodromidis

Born in Ierissos  Halkidiki (north Greece) in 1974, moved in Kavala later where he studied, music theory piano and saxophone at Music local conservatory . Coming to Thessaloniki , he continued his studies at NEO music conservatory and graduated in 1999 with diploma . Even though he took diploma in Harmony and also , Fugue, Counterpoint and Orchestration at Kentrikon music conservatory Thessaloniki . Masterclasses: Greg Badolato , Ron Savage (Perugia Berklee music school ) Chico Freeman , Eric Alexander ,Haris Ioannou , Ovidiu Caplescu . Recital at music center of Thessaloniki 1999 , Papaioannou Festival , Attico alsos athens and many other places playing around in Greece and also in some countries as Russia , Germany , Turkey , Bulgaria and , Italy . Collaborations and recordings with well known greek singers and composers as S. Kraounakis , V. Lekkas ,M. Hatzimanolis ,N. Pitloglou, Lizeta Kalimeri ,Sasha Kovalyev and many others from abroad.

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